So -- what did happen to Panix?

Nick Feamster feamster at
Wed Feb 8 04:27:13 UTC 2006

Martin Hannigan wrote:

> My answer, in short, was to say that I see it as more of an enterprise
> play because it's a managed service and the hardest part of
> provisioning is typically the order cycle.
> If you are an ISP, you are theoretically multi homed by definition
> and your providers are going to remain fairly stable (you hope)
> based on your own needs.

My point remains: designs based on such assumptions are not a good idea, 
since these assumptions are by no means fundamental and could certainly 
change.  People get creative with how they announce prefixes, change 
upstreams, etc., and you can't assume that things like this would stay 
the way they are.

As an aside, another question occurred to me about delaying unusual 
announcements.  Boeing Connexion offers another example of unorthodox 
prefix announcements.  Wouldn't the tactic of delaying unusual 
announcements would cause problems for this service?


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