Middle Eastern Exchange Points

Martin Hannigan hannigan at renesys.com
Tue Feb 7 22:13:31 UTC 2006

At 04:11 PM 2/7/2006, Joe Abley wrote:

>On 7-Feb-2006, at 11:54, Martin Hannigan wrote:
>>>I know of a Cairo IXP, and possibly one in the UAE.  Is there one
>>>in Kuwait as yet?
>>Yes, KIX. Note, there's CIX and CRIX. If you are trying to
>>reach African users, there's also KIX ala Kenya.
>The exchange point in Nairobi is called KIXP, not KIX, in case it
>helps avoid that confusion. The KIXP is The Place to reach Kenyan
>users, but no ISPs from parts of Africa outside Kenya participate in
>it, as far as I know. <http://www.kixp.net/>.
>Terrestrial paths between adjacent African countries are still
>somewhat rare. I don't have science to back this up, but I would not
>be surprised if the toplogical centre of today's African Internet
>turned out to be the LINX.

Yes, and double checking, I believe CIX/CRIX are one in the same with
a distinction being telco colo vs. IP colo. It's not specifically clear.
CRIX is run by the Egyptian MCIT. There are other options in Egypt depending
upon what you are doing. The incumbent IP provider is Xceed.


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