Problems connectivity GE on Foundry BigIron to Cisco 2950T

Alain Hebert ahebert at
Mon Feb 6 19:25:08 UTC 2006

    ( You can said that it means nothing but... (; )

    I second that.  I always crimp (or check) for it.

    Also watch for Cat 6 cabling ... 23 gauge is hell to crimp.  24 is 
livable but takes twice as much time to do than Cat 5e.
    (You have to cut that little plastic guide and the pairs are a bit 
more twisted)

    I just did a 72 pairs (BIXed + crimped) in Cat 6...  And I'm still 
wondering if its that advantagious.

    Anybody fix a cabling issue by using Cat 6 over Cat 5e?

    Let us know.

    ( There is nothing nicer than a POP on a diet...  a fiber diet that 
is! )

Jeff Rosowski wrote:

>> According to "Ethernet, The Definitive Guide", that feature is an
>> optional part of the spec.
>> One thing I've heard people encounter is that if they use a cross-over
>> cable, which probably really implies a 100BASE-TX cross-over, then the
>> ports only go to 100Mbps. A Gig-E rated straight through, in conjunction
>> with the automatic crossover feature, was necessary to get to GigE.
> A lot of cross over cables only cross pairs 1-2 with 3-6, leaving 4-5, 
> and 7-8 as straight through.  Gig-E uses all four pair.

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