CAUTION: Potentially Dumb Question...

Rich Sena ras at
Mon Feb 6 15:57:45 UTC 2006

Not sure how dumb this question is so I'll float it here and beat any 
flames back with a little Godwin's Law or other Bourseyesque implements of 

I'm trying to cut a few financial corners in our remote site budgets.  I 
have sites that are homed back to the main campus offices via ATM and 
other leased lines.  These sites also currently have dedicated Internet 
access.  I was doing some brain cramming re: MPLS and possibly killing 
our dependence on ATM by going the MPLS route over a common provider.  It 
struck me to venture a guess as to why I couldn't utilize the same 
connection for both - Internet transit via the common provider as well as 
an MPLS mesh between all my sites and my main campuses also via that same 
connection with the common provider...

Can someone swing the clue-by-four for me aiming for what's left of my 
mullet and learn me - thanks...

If you feel this is OT then reply to me direct if there is other interest 
I will summarize...

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