So -- what did happen to Panix?

Michael.Dillon at Michael.Dillon at
Mon Feb 6 09:35:55 UTC 2006

> > If an IRR suffers from bit-rot, then I don't consider
> > it to be "well-operated" and therefore it cannot be
> > considered to be part of a well-operated network of
> > IRRs.
> honestly I'm not a fan of IRR's, so don't pay attention to them, but... 
> the IRR 'not well operated' or is the data stale because the 'users' of
> the IRR are 'not well operated' ? (the IRR as near as I can tell is
> nothing but a web/whois server that you sign-up-for and push/pull data
> through, right?)

Indeed it is not much more than a server with a database
which is why I do not consider it to be well-operated.
In order to be "well-operated", somebody (or some organization)
needs to take responsibility for the data in the database
and make sure that this data is as accurate as can be.

I'm really saying that if people want to solve this
problem jointly, then the tools are already there for
a membership organization to use. And such an organization
could also work on a revised BGP protocol as a longer term

But, in the absence of such an organization we have nothing
more than a disorganized chaos in which nothing much changes.

--Michael Dillon

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