So -- what did happen to Panix?

Martin Hannigan hannigan at
Mon Feb 6 07:11:26 UTC 2006

At 02:05 AM 2/6/2006, Nick Feamster wrote:
>Martin Hannigan wrote:
>>[ SNIP ]
>>> > If you are changing providers, which takes
>>>>awhile anyway,
>>>That process seems to be getting quicker:
>>NOT an ISP product.
>Independent of ED, one should be cautious when designing routing 
>protocols based on logistical and business assumptions (e.g., 
>switching providers takes awhile, most business policies are vanilla 
>peering, etc.).
>These assumptions are certainly not fundamental, and they may not 
>always be true, regardless of what exists today

This is strictly a market-maker product, IMHO, which is different from a
transition or provisioning strategy. YMMV.

ISP's don't switch providers, typically, enterprises do. ISP's add, move,
and drop, so physical layer management is more important, believe it or not.


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