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Jim McBurnett jim at
Sun Feb 5 22:15:22 UTC 2006

Do a Google on AOL yahoo goodmail.

It seems as of this mornings newspaper, AOL will be employing goodmail
in a manner so that it will charge for guaranteed access to the end user
mail boxes on a per email basis.
1/4 to 1 cent per email.  There is an Senate commerce committee meeting
on that..
A New York Times article is here:
 (watch the wrap on the link)
I thought it was a hoax like the USPS will charge for email..
BUT, upon a little research, it actually worries me.
AOL says it will strip active links and graphics going to end users,
unless you are on the PAYING list for Bulk emails.
It is really not very clear at this point, but it appears some
restrictions must already be in place....

Fergie-- Where were ya man?


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so, anyone working on the majordomo and mailman hacks for goodmail?
"i am sorry, but you can not subscribe to this list from an
address.  don't ask us to explain, ask support at"

or am i missing something here?  clue-bat if so, please.


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