Anyone heard of INOC-DBA?

Wayne Gustavus (nanog) nanog at
Sat Feb 4 16:55:43 UTC 2006

To chime with my own experiences, the few times I have used the INOC-DBA
system for an Inter-provider issue have been quite successful.  The
results were much faster and much less frustrating that calling through
the 'front door' of the provider's NOC.  

And it is fair to say that the system only gains usefulness with wider
implementation among network providers and appropriate deployment of the
phones within the organization.  Within Verizon, I deployed the phones
with our IP-NOC (yes, we have *many* NOCs, but only 1 handles IP
issues), with our IP escalation team (TAC), and on my desk (footnote: my
desk recently moved and haven't gotten the inoc-dba phone back up on the
new net infrastructure).  

In light of recent purchases by VZ, if none of the above methods work,
just call Chris Morrow.  Just kidding Chris! :-)

- Wayne 

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> On Fri, 3 Feb 2006, Richard A Steenbergen wrote:
> > And then of course there is that whole "using the IP 
> network to contact
> > someone about an IP network issue" thing that doesn't seem 
> terribly well
> > thought out... Admittedly I haven't looked at the INOC-DBA 
> stuff in a
> > while, there could have been some massive advancement that 
> I'm not aware
> > of, but I suspect that the situation is still "more work 
> needed". Existing
> > phone systems, call centers, and engineers with cellphones, 
> seems to be a
> > much safer bet right now.
> there is no one solution... to anything except 'life' 
> (solution == death).
> So, how about looking at it as a tool to use. You might have your
> provider's $Person_for_Problem in your cell phone, use that 
> if you can.
> Use their Customer Service number or use their INOC number.... putting
> down a project that does work because it's not the holy grail isn't
> productive.

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