Modelling a large ISP network with C-BGP

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Thu Feb 2 20:34:55 UTC 2006


    Didnt say it was...  it just that it came off the blue... (its 
started in 2003).

    Snapshot dont compile yet on Freebsd.

    But those do: libgds-1.1.8-rc2.tar.gz 
<> (May 
17th, 2005), cbgp-1.1.20-rc2.tar.gz 
<> (May 17th, 

I did spend a hour with the soft:

    . it is all the quality of good software...

    . small binaries...

    . fast...

    . large memory usage for simulation...  (~128M for "valid-topology 
(July 15th, 2004)")

Where I could use it:

    Well, I can see it being used in a Net Dept (of a ISP with heavy use 
of IP routing and BGP) to check pre-depolyement of a new site...  
Simulation of the impact of a maintenance... etc.

    I fail to see a usage for smaller ISP that are using BGP only for 
peering and OSPF internaly.

     I would like to feed the full routing table, and zerba/quagga/bgp 
logs, or route-views data to see a play by play of evenements...  and 
being able to inject command to try to control a evenement to reduce the 
impact on the net...
    (that would have been cool)

    Have fun...

Randy Bush wrote:

>>I'm I alone to find this a bit spammy?
>announcement of a free, open-source, and looking very useful tool
>for operators looks like one of the most important messages i have
>read on these lists this week.

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