Modelling a large ISP network with C-BGP

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Thu Feb 2 18:01:27 UTC 2006

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Olivier Bonaventure wrote:

> Dear All,
> C-BGP is an efficient and open-source simulation tool that allows to 
> simulate the behavior of the intra- and interdomain routing protocols 
> in large ISP networks. C-BGP is able to simulate networks with 
> thousands of routers. A key feature ofco C-BGP compared to other 
> simulators is that it is able to support the complex routing policies 
> that are used by ISPs.
> Thanks to the support of France Telecom R&D, we have been able to use 
> C-BGP to reproduce the behavior of BGP in a large Tier-1 ISP network. 
> For this analysis, we have developped several tools to automatically 
> convert the BGP configurations of Juniper (JUNOS) and Cisco (IOS) 
> routers, the IGP topology and the BGP routes in the C-BGP format. With 
> these tools, any network operator can easily build a C-BGP model of 
> his/her network. With such a model, it is possible to perform 
> different types of analysis on the ISP network, such as :
>  - predicting the flow of the traffic through the network or 
> determining the traffic matrix based on Netflow data (see article in 
> January issue of ACM SIGCOMM Computer Communication Review)
>  - predicting the impact of adding a new peering link on the BGP 
> routes selected by the routers (see article in Nov/Dec issue of IEEE 
> Network Magazine)
>  - predicting the impact of link or router failures on the ISP network
> You can obtain C-BGP, the conversion tools and several papers 
> describing the utilization of C-BGP to model an ISP network or compute 
> traffic matrices from :
> The website also contains several examples, such as a complete C-BGP 
> model of the Abilene Network based on their publically available JUNOS 
> configurations files.
> We believe that C-BGP could be very useful for ISPs willing to 
> optimise the distribution and the selection of the BGP routes in their 
> network. Comments, suggestions and questions from network operators 
> are more than welcome.
> Best regards,
> Bruno Quoitin, Sebastien Tandel and Olivier Bonaventure

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