improving puck contact db

Peter Cohen peterattelia at
Wed Feb 1 03:27:49 UTC 2006

On 1/31/06, Jared Mauch <jared at> wrote:
>         All,
>         I'm open to suggestions of how I can improve the puck
> contact db pages for various isps/nocs/teams.
>         eg:
> isp name
> url
> noc#
> noc email
> cust svc#
> cust svc email
> security ph#
> security email
> etc..
>         with the various toll-free and direct numbers
> available, including aim/y!/jabber/whatnot gateways that reach
> some centralized noc operator too?
>         is the concern about putting data there an access/trust
> issue?  perhaps some sort of registered user foo can be done where
> people can assign trust for their org (eg: hi, i'm AOL, it's ok to share
> my postmaster and noc data with anyone, but the security number only
> with people who i set a trust/access level on).
>         think the social networking foo (orkut, etc..)
>         just some random ideas, since i wrote the cgi foo for
> the noc stuff years ago and it needs to be updated.
>         - jared
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Huge fan of the puck site, what about some colaboration with that
wonder of db/php Richard Steenbergen and the site ? 
 I find useful information from both of them.

Peter Cohen
AS 1299.

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