CME-24/BlackWorm email notifications + top-7 unreachable AS's

Martin Hannigan hannigan at
Wed Feb 1 00:33:38 UTC 2006

>Below are the top-7 ASN's that *we* have not been able to reach with 
>our email notifications of CME-24/BlackWorm infected machines:
>5416    | BATELCO-BH
>6412    | KW Gulfnet International
>8781    | QA-ISP Qatar Telecom (Q-Tel)
>12486   | Teleyemen - YNET Autonomous Nu
>20759   | ISU-JED KACST/ISU Jeddah Auton
>34105   | ARIAVESATCOM-AS Ariave Satcom
>If you know of a contact for these or did not receive a notification 
>and would like to make sure your network is clean, please contact me 
>off list.

I can get 6412 Kuwaiti Gulfnet. Do you have a URL or something you want
them to look at?

The rest are up and operational. Perhaps trying the role accounts
for abuse, sysop, root, etc. or the APNIC/RIPE database for contacts
might be useful.


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