Security of National Infrastructure

Peter Corlett abuse at
Fri Dec 29 23:02:44 UTC 2006

> Why is it that every company out there allows connections through  
> their
> firewalls to their web and mail infrastructure from countries that  
> they
> don't even do business in. Shouldn't it be our default to only  
> allow US
> based IP addresses and then allow others as needed? The only case I  
> can
> think of would be traveling folks that need to VPN or something, which
> could be permitted in the Firewall, but WHY WIDE OPEN ACCESS? We still
> seem to be in the wild west, but no-one has the b at lls to be braven and
> block the unnecessary access.

I assume you want this:

Most "unnecessary access" I see seems to be coming from US-based IP  
addresses anyway. A Great Firewall Of USA would certainly reduce the  
amount of spam I get :)

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