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On Dec 28, 2006, at 3:49 PM, Joe Abley wrote:

> I gave my Ontario drivers licence to Equinix security in LA, once,  
> and they refused to accept it as proof of ID since it wasn't  
> government issued. I said it was; they disagreed. I tried to  
> explain that there was more than one government in the world, but I  
> got blank looks, and had to head out back past building security  
> and up to the roof in the adjacent parking garage to get my passport.

Hmm!!  may be folks in San francisco don't care so much. last time i  
went to a San Francisco facility, i handed them my Nepalese driving  
license (no, wasn't carrying my passport), and they didn't blink at  
all. though when i came back, they did ask me what the hell an 'auto  
rickshaw' was :-).

Generally, as long as i had a pre-authorized ticket open for access  
to equipment, any form of ID with a picture has worked.


> For some reason it seemed a good idea to get all my various  
> passports while I was there (I have three), and when I made it back  
> inside I handed them all over together. I realised about two  
> seconds after handing them over that I was probably doing a stupid  
> thing. A whole group of them appeared, and huddled around my  
> passports with their backs to me. They seemed on the verge of  
> calling the FBI.
> They gave the passports back, eventually, and I didn't go to jail.  
> So it could have been worse. :-)
> Joe

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