Collocation Access

chuck goolsbee chucklist at
Thu Dec 28 17:04:37 UTC 2006

>Indeed. I'm surprised the market hasn't produced facilities with 
>better thought through and executed security and access controls. Is 
>there not enough competition in each metro area for anything other 
>than lowest common denominator?

 From what I've seen? No.

At the moment, the top priority of colocation customers is power 
availability, followed swiftly by price.

It is slowly turning into a seller's market - IF the facility has 
available power (and I pity those facilities who are at their 
limits), but the customer is still primarily picking on $s alone.

WRT security process and procedures, most customers seem to be just 
interested if they exist. Of course they want them applied very 
strictly to everyone else but THEM.


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