Home media servers, AUPs, and upstream bandwidth utilization.

Roland Dobbins rdobbins at cisco.com
Tue Dec 26 06:35:43 UTC 2006

On Dec 25, 2006, at 3:05 PM, Randy Bush wrote:

>     Kenjiro Cho, Kensuke Fukuda, Hiroshi Esaki, & Akira Kato.
>     "The Impact and Implications of the Growth in Residential
>     User-to-User Traffic."
>     SIGCOMM2006, pp207-218. Pisa, Italy. September 2006.
>     <http://www.iijlab.net/~kjc/papers/rbb-sigcomm2006.pdf>

I saw this paper when it came out Randy, thanks - I had several  
interrelated questions about TOS/AUP, and whether or not the presumed  
legality/illegality of a potentially popular non-infringing home  
media server vs. standard P2P applications (and the jaundiced view of  
them, rightly or wrongly) would affect what folks are doing or  
considering doing.  The questions were also somewhat specific to  
North America, which is a substantially different market than the one  
described in this paper, and which may well evolve differently.

This is a very interesting and thought-provoking paper, but it  
doesn't answer the questions I was asking, I'm sorry if that wasn't  

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