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Thomas Leavitt thomas at
Sat Dec 23 09:08:47 UTC 2006

Jeff Shultz wrote:
> Google and Yahoo (and their toolbars) have replaced the address line. 
> Which can lead to some confusion when you think the customer has just 
> gone to your homepage, but instead has gone to the Google search page 
> for the URL... and then you just hope your homepage is the first hit 
> on it.
> What blows my mind is that from what I've seen the default install of 
> IE7 doesn't include the Menu Bar displayed. :(
Yes, and I anticipate many very annoying support issues with my clients 
as a result... Microsoft is apparently determined to eliminate the Menu 
Bar as an interface characteristic (I've heard that the latest version 
of Office also eliminates it)... one very annoying example of what 
disappears as a result is the "Find in page" feature (Cntl-F). The first 
thing I do when I upgrade someone to IE7 is turn on the Menu Bar... and 
I've noticed that almost every other computer I've touched with IE7 has 
it turned back on...


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