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Jeff Shultz jeffshultz at
Thu Dec 21 16:15:26 UTC 2006

Valdis.Kletnieks at wrote:
> On Thu, 21 Dec 2006 05:59:21 CST, Robert Bonomi said:
>> How many people have a search engine as their 'home page' in their web
>> browser?
>> How many end-user types _don't_know_ about anything other than a web-browser/
>> mail-client for Internet access?
> And what percent of our operational issues are caused by that mindset?
> (Hint - how much smaller would the spam problem be if end users actually
> looked at their cable or DSL modem and wondered why the Tx/Rx lights were
> on steady even though nothing was apparently happening?)

Google and Yahoo (and their toolbars) have replaced the address line. 
Which can lead to some confusion when you think the customer has just 
gone to your homepage, but instead has gone to the Google search page 
for the URL... and then you just hope your homepage is the first hit on it.

What blows my mind is that from what I've seen the default install of 
IE7 doesn't include the Menu Bar displayed. :(

Jeff Shultz

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