Microsoft Corporate Postmaster Contact?

Steve Atkins steve at
Tue Dec 19 00:25:05 UTC 2006

On Dec 18, 2006, at 3:39 PM, S. Ryan wrote:

> I don't think it should ever be acceptable to have to 'sign up' to  
> report a security/network problem.

You don't. That's not what SNDS is. It's a feedback loop
sort of thing, a la scomp (and not at all relevant to the
original posters question, I don't think, but without more
information, who can say?).

> Steve Sobol wroteth on 12/18/2006 3:10 PM:
>> On Mon, 18 Dec 2006, Jay Stewart wrote:
>>> This may not be much of a help, but can be a good resource for  
>>> data when
>>> dealing with mail issues regarding MS.
>>> Of course, you need a Valid MSN "passport" for  
>>> registration. . . . . sigh. .
>> sigh...? Sign up for a free Windows Live Mail (Hotmail) account, and
>> bingo, you have a Passport login. Hardly a show-stopper.


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