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Fri Dec 15 19:48:48 UTC 2006

Barry Greene (bgreene) wrote:
[..list of good things..]

> So what would be helpful are people who say "I've done everything (or
> some of the things) off the Bogon Team page and think there is a better
> way." The core problem right now are that too many organizations are
> doing nothing to maintain policy once that policy choice has been
> selected.

As Esmerelda the frog would say: S-BGP (*1) is the better way.

Any ideas when Cisco is going to drink the cool-aid to get hooked in
that and provide that to it's users? (Although one source told me that
Cisco is not more the king of the core internet and that it got taken
over by another vendor who should set steps in that direction first..)

Of course the steps that sidr(*2) is taking is also a step in the right
direction, but might be quite a slow one when people wanted this almost
10 years ago(*3) but that is the internet it seems. Running code is
important, but clearly not when it could hurt people's pockets or when
there is no real actual interest in solving this problem. That seems to
be the real core problem: There is enough money being earned by being
able to announce bogon routes and there is not enough money that can be
earned back by upgrading hardware/software to implement those checks.
Marketing 101 it seems, nothing technical to see here.

The policy can be handled by a limited amount of organizations: IANA &
the RIR's, there is only 6 of them, of which APNIC, with much thanks to
the efforts by Geoff Huston(*4) doing experiments already.


    and others:

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