Bogon Filter - Please check for 77/8 78/8 79/8

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Fri Dec 15 19:21:14 UTC 2006

-> We have this source:

-> We "source" URLs for each of the RIRs in the prefix filter templates:

-> We have the Bogon Router Server:

-> We have the RIPE project to help with the migration:
-> We have the RADB Filters:

-> We have the RIPE DB Filters:

-> And there is DNS and E-mail notifications ......

All of this is listed at

So what would be helpful are people who say "I've done everything (or
some of the things) off the Bogon Team page and think there is a better
way." The core problem right now are that too many organizations are
doing nothing to maintain policy once that policy choice has been

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> Hi,
> > or LDAP could be used ...
> I was wondering when this would show up... :-)
> > If IANA and the RIRs would step up to the plate and provide an 
> > authoritative data source identifying which address ranges 
> have been 
> > issued for use on the Internet then bogon lists would not 
> be needed at 
> > all.
> > ... IANA would be the authoritative source for stuff like RFC 1918 
> > address ranges and other non-RIR ranges.
> IANA has a project along these lines at the earliest stage of 
> development (that is, we're trying to figure out if this is a 
> good idea and if so, the best way to implement it).  I'd be 
> interested in hearing opinions (either publicly or privately) 
> as to what IANA should do here.
> > One wonders whether it might not be more effective in the 
> long run to 
> > sue ICANN/IANA rather than suing
> Sigh.  What is the IOS command to disable lawyers again?
> Rgds,
> -drc

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