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Jack Bates jbates at
Mon Dec 11 15:34:51 UTC 2006

Scott Morris wrote:
> So we're saying that a lawsuit is an intelligent method to force someone
> else to correct something that you are simply using to avoid the irritation
> of manually updating things yourself???
> That seems to be the epitomy of laziness vs. litigousness. 
> Scott

I would doubt the person using a bogon list would be the initiator of a lawsuit. 
It would be more plausible that the person using the netspace listed incorrectly 
as a bogon would have just cause for filing a lawsuit.

It's annoying enough to chase after all the people who manually configure bogon 
networks and forget them in their firewalls. From previous posts, it appears 
that this is a case of continued propagation of incorrect information after 
being notified of the inaccuracy, and the information is published as being 
fact; implying accuracy.

Jack Bates

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