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Donald Stahl don at
Mon Dec 11 15:33:23 UTC 2006

> So we're saying that a lawsuit is an intelligent method to force someone
> else to correct something that you are simply using to avoid the irritation
> of manually updating things yourself???
> That seems to be the epitomy of laziness vs. litigousness.
I think the point is that people are trusting this "self appointed" 
authority and thus others are blocking _his_ legitimate traffic.

If you're going to appoint yourself an "authority" then you have a 
responsibility to be accurate. If you're too lazy to keep your lists up 
to date then you need to stop offering said lists.

As an admin I can't stop other people from using such an idiotic list. 
However I can sue the list for libel- after all they are printing the
incorrect fact that the traffic I am sending is bogus and thus are harming 
my reputation and impacting my business.

Seems to me like this is _exactly_ what the courts are for. There is no 
gray area- it's not a question of whether or not this is spam for example. 
This list is publishing the false statement that the traffic this ISP is 
trying to send is bogus. If they won't correct their mistake then you 
absolutely should be able to petition the courts to get them to stop 
publishing false information about you.


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