Bogon Filter - Please check for 77/8 78/8 79/8

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Mon Dec 11 15:28:27 UTC 2006

no, he's saying that a lawsuit is a useful method of forcing someone
who is intentionally or negligently distributing incorrect information
that other people who do not know any better then believe and use in
their own networks.

i betcha libel laws aren't written in such a way that they are useful
here, however, there might be some kind of restraint of trade thing
that could be invoked or somesuch.  ianal, not my dept.


"Scott Morris" <swm at> writes:

> So we're saying that a lawsuit is an intelligent method to force someone
> else to correct something that you are simply using to avoid the irritation
> of manually updating things yourself???
> That seems to be the epitomy of laziness vs. litigousness. 
> Scott
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>> Allan Houston wrote:
>> > This probably isn't helped much by sites like 
>> > still showing these ranges as bogons..
>> >
>> >
>> >
>> > They've ignored all my attempts to get them to update so far.. sigh..
>> >
>> They just need someone using the address space to slap them with a
> lawsuit.

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