DNS - connection limit (without any extra hardware)

Gadi Evron ge at linuxbox.org
Fri Dec 8 18:20:47 UTC 2006

On Fri, 8 Dec 2006, Petri Helenius wrote:
> Geo. wrote:
> > I know this is kind of a crazy idea but how about making cleaning up 
> > all these infected machines the priority as a solution instead of 
> > defending your dns from your infected clients. They not only affect 
> > you, they affect the rest of us so why should we give you a solution 
> > to your problem when you don't appear to care about causing problems 
> > for the rest of us?
> >
> Has anyone figured out a remote but lawful way to repair zombie machines?

Microsoft auto-update, the telephone line, going to a different country
with a different set of rules.


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