How to pick a Site-Local Scope multi cast address

Dave Raskin dave.raskin at
Fri Dec 8 15:54:03 UTC 2006

Hello, I have been directed to this list by IANA when I asked the
following question:

	I am researching ways of device/machine discovery on the
network. This 
 is similar to the Discovery phase of UPnP devices, which uses the SSDP 
 	I have researched far enough to know that my best bet for UDP 
 multicast address group is the Site-Local Scope address range of
 SSDP and UPnP protocols use the address
 My question is this:
      How do I pick a group address within this range and not have a
chance of colliding with some other application on the network already
using the group  address I just picked?

	Do I just randomly pick an address in that range and hope for
the best? I am running on Windows and cannot assume that there is a
MADCAP server available.

Thanks in advance!

Dave Raskin
Rimage Corporation

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