DNS - connection limit (without any extra hardware)

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Fri Dec 8 15:25:43 UTC 2006

I know this is kind of a crazy idea but how about making cleaning up all
these infected machines the priority as a solution instead of defending your
dns from your infected clients. They not only affect you, they affect the
rest of us so why should we give you a solution to your problem when you
don't appear to care about causing problems for the rest of us?

George Roettger
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  as a comsequence of a virus diffused in my customer-base, I often receive
big bursts of traffic on my DNS servers.
  Unluckly, a lot of clients start to bomb my DNSs at a certain hour, so I
have a distributed tentative of denial of service.
  I can't blacklist them on my DNSs, because the infected clients are too

  For this reason, I would like that a DNS could response maximum to 10
queries per second given by every single Ip address.
  Anybody knows a solution, just using iptables/netfilter/kernel tuning/BIND
tuning, without using any hardware traffic shaper?

  Best Regards


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