AW: U.S./Europe connectivity

Gunther Stammwitz gstammw at
Wed Dec 6 14:46:09 UTC 2006

Get ip-transit from a provider that is peering with tier2s in the uk.
I'm seeing problems with tier1s again and again: they have a great global
network but they won't reach most of the end users on a direct way since
they are only peering with other tier1s. The route will always go trough a
tier1 then a tier1's customer and then to the destination which is rather
indirect. Tier2 usually have better connectivity and are exchanging traffic
with other tier2s on more places than just one per country as tier1s are
usually doing.

Peering at linx might also be a good idea but don't forget that only a few
networks are going to peer with you if you are a small player...

The best mix one can get for ip-transit always is a combination of tier1s
and in addition to them tier2s who are serving the geographic region where
your targets (mostly eyeballs I guess) are.

Good tier2s in Europe are Lambdanet and Telia* for example. Telia is selling
transit services in the US as far as I know so this might be the best


* = Telia is something between a tier1 and a tier2 if you ask me. Okay they
are buying transit from spring or something like that but what I'm aiming at
is that they are peering with most European end user networks.


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