U.S./Europe connectivity

nealr neal at lists.rauhauser.net
Tue Dec 5 18:56:00 UTC 2006


    No, this is very helpful. We just turned up AdventNet's Net Flow 
Analyzer for this customer's two production cisco 7507s and we should be 
able to see where the European customers are very shortly. It is good to 
know that Cogent is a decent choice for this job - we've seen not so 
positive stuff about them here in the past. If we can narrow things down 
to Cogent and Level 3 right away that is a good place to start. Someone 
sent me to peeringdb.com and it looks like I have plenty of places to 
choose from in London.


outageslist outages wrote:
> Hi,
> few strong links in Europe and specially UK are: COGENT, LEVEL3, 
> COGENT "win" most of our US links to Europe even better than LEVEL3,
> but i would not be surprise if LEVEL3 win most of the links to the UK.
> for sprintlink, from Caribbean C&W goes to sprintlink Miami and from
> there to telefnoica even though there's a path through cogent/LEVEL3.
> in terms of connectivity inside telefonica i am not happy with, alot
> of latency for too many places, and alot of failures around Spain(i
> assume telefonica is spanish)
> C&W is very strong in UK, as well as LEVEL3 and cogent. but this is
> not enough to come to any conclusion, so i would start by analyzing ip
> scopes where most of the European clients are connecting from and run
> some BGP queries and traces.
> and checking up sprintlink peering to differenet london locations.
> hope it's not too vague and it gives you anything useful,
> Lior
> On 12/5/06, nealr <neal at lists.rauhauser.net> wrote:
>>     I am doing some work on a network in central Illinois that is
>> currently peering with Sprint and McLeod. They have a number of
>> customers in the U.K. and they want to reduce latency to that part of
>> the world. They've been offered a point to point 100 mbit link between
>> their facility and a location in London from Cogent, but this isn't IP
>> service. They've asked me to sort out how they can use this link or to
>> find a good alternative for them.
>>    A long time ago I think Teleglobe peering would have been the snap
>> answer for European connectivity, but its been a few years. Who would I
>> look to in terms of a carrier on that side of the pond? We've got on net
>> termination with Sprint as a starting point for a link ...

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