The IESG Approved the Expansion of the AS Number Registry

Donald Stahl don at
Fri Dec 1 18:15:14 UTC 2006

> agreed, let's NOT do the v6 thing... do the 32-bit asn's give us more than
> just 'more bits' ? :) (Sorry, I couldn't resist). So, yes, let's get
> someone to start testing, I'd just caution on assigning the 32-bit asn's
> for real-users, since much of the net might not be able to use them,
> partial reachability will/could-be a problem.
The good news is that 32 bit ASN's won't be assigned by default until 
2009. Starting on January 1, 32 bit ASN's will be assigned- but only to 
those people explicitly requesting them. All in all it seems like a 
sensible migration strategy.


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