report of .biz outage...

Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at
Thu Mar 31 22:00:00 UTC 2005


Assuming that "the first item of work email" refers to mail today 
(March 31), or even in the past couple of days, I can say that we 
(NeuLevel) have had no outages, neither planned nor unplanned, of our 
SRS in that time.

If you can give us some more information (off-line), we can look into 
whatever may have caused you to see such an email.  I'm about to hit 
the road, so a response from me will be delayed.  For a more 
immediate answer, contact our registry services help desk (support 


At 15:48 -0500 3/31/05, Eric Brunner-Williams in Portland Maine wrote:
>funny, the first item of work email i read today was this:
>	the Neulevel SRS is currently down, .biz registrations are
>	therefore not possible.
>	We will inform you as soon as the registry is online again.
>your metric for "match" may vary.

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