Clearwire May Block VoIP Competitors

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Wed Mar 30 22:30:36 UTC 2005

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> Dunno where you got the 'more than 2 subscribers' bit as 
> defining over- subscribed.  Unless you 
> mis-read/mis-interpreted my remark about "50% 
> utilization" for VoIP data.   Active VoIP transmission is 
> about 80kbps.

Depends on the codec.  Yes, most people default to G.711, but
my experience with G.729 and header compression has been good,
and closer to 12Kbps.

I definitely agree that it's much more symmetrical than web
traffic, and could therefore mess with someone's capacity
planning.  Denying traffic that doesn't conform to your engineering
is one response.  Re-engineering is another.  Do what you will
with your network, I know what I'd do with mine.


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