T1 vs. T2 [WAS: Apology: [Tier-2 reachability and multihoming]]

Patrick W Gilmore patrick at ianai.net
Tue Mar 29 02:15:53 UTC 2005

On Mar 28, 2005, at 8:29 PM, bmanning at vacation.karoshi.com wrote:

>> and if you peer with all networks in the 'transit free zone' then you 
>> too become
>> transit free also.
> 	er.. hate to rain on your parade but if I peer with everyone
> 	i need/want to exchange traffic with, i am transit-free, even
> 	if I -NEVER- touch any other part of the commercial Internet...
> 	my packets get to where they need to go and all packets I want
> 	get to me.  my life is good ... even if I only appear as vestigal
> 	to the commercial Internet, if I appear at all.

Absolutely correct.

> 	how would you classify such a network?  T1, T2, ODDBALL-0,
> 	non-Internet-265, ???

I doubt it is a tier.  I am certain it is not an "Internet" network if 
it does not have connectivity to substantially all other Internet 


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