outage/maintenance window opinion

Eric Gauthier eric at roxanne.org
Mon Mar 28 17:59:01 UTC 2005


I disagree as this entire event wasn't a planned outage.  The "planned" part 
was what you intended to do and, if its anything like the maintenance reports 
that I send and receive, you typically state how long you expect the impact 
will be and that it will take place within your maintenance window.  I'd argue 
that you should start the clock ticking when the outage first happened and 
then take off from that whatever you annouced as the impact duration. 

For example, if you said that the impact would be a ten-minute outage sometime 
during your window from 2am to 5am and your outage started at 2am, I'd count
this as an unplanned outage starting from 2:10am.  That's just my $0.02...

On another note, you had a 3 hour window and a 6 hour outage.  It sounds like 
someone didn't seriously consider the "back out" part of your change management
planning.  You really should have that as part of your process and have a hard
deadline within the window after which you revert the network to its previous

Eric :)

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