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> For those that don't know... I am now the COO of UnitedLayer.  It
> sounds like, since I am not going to pay the "extortion" fee to 
> Bandwidth Advisors, that their consultants won't know about our 
> pricing and services.  Even if I did pay the fee, that means that 
> their clients can't get the best deal as I need to raise my fees to 
> client to cover the "small residual payment" going to "Bandwidth 
> Advisors".
> Tim


Your completely free to hire your own sales people and advertising 
agency - if they do a good enough job you won't need someone like 
"Bandwidth Advisors".    Of course those people are going to want some 
money - and nearly all sales people work on some type of base + 
commission basis.  It's up to you to decide what is less expensive and 
better for you.   Either one is going to cost you something.   Sitting 
around waiting for people to come to you can also be pretty expensive if 
you have any kind of fixed expenses.

Mark Radabaugh

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