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> Just got a call from "Tosten" of a company called "Bandwidth
> Advisors".  They represent themselves as a "Independent Telco &
> Colo Consultants" (see web page).
> Seems that they are calling around ISPs and asking them if they
> have an "agent" program.  After talking to him a bit I find out
> that they will only recommend a company if they are getting a
> kick-back from the company.  Sounds like a company to avoid if one
> really wants an "Independent Consultant".
> Tim

They're brokers. There's really nothing wrong with what they
are doing, although they may not have explained it to you too

What they do is become an agent, or reseller, for a company and
they get a residual on anyone they refer. So if you are a corp IT
guy and you have no clue as to who's out there and what the prices
are, these kinds of services "can" be useful. Almost everyone will
give someone a residual for a referral, but you have to ask. :-)



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