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Edward Lewis Ed.Lewis at
Thu Mar 24 22:05:29 UTC 2005

At 13:01 -0800 3/24/05, Owen DeLong wrote:

>There are not many such proposals in play at the moment because the ARIN
>community reached consensus around most of these issues over the last
>two years.  There seems to be general agreement that the current state of
>things is acceptable in terms of Whois and DNS.  While ARIN runs a Routing
>Registry as part of it's public service focus, I do not believe that ARIN
>should have a defining role in the IRR process.  In general, that also
>is the purview of the IETF.

Here's my dilemma.  On the one hand I hear calls for greater 
operational input to ARIN.  On the other hand is empirical evidence 
that there isn't much input being given.

What I have been trying to do extract what latent operational input 
might be fed to ARIN, judging from discussions I have seen at other 
RIRs, the IETF, etc.  If there aren't follow ups to these ideas, then 
I would conclude that ARIN isn't dysfunctional and is operating as it 
should be, an idea supported by what is above.  If there are ideas 
forthcoming, then maybe there is a need to encourage participation.

This thread was ignited by the desire to have a pingable address in 
newly allocated blocks (from IANA to ARIN), and maybe Randy's 
suggestion is all that is needed - simply asking ARIN to do this. 
Maybe policies aren't the only way to influence ARIN's operation.

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