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> At 17:01 +0000 3/24/05, Andrew Dul wrote:
>> I agree, I'd certainly like to see more people actively participate in
>> the process.  If nanog folks believe that the ARIN membership is not
>> getting the right stuff done...  How do we fix this problem?   How do we
>> get more operators involved and active in the RIRs?
> In the spirit of cart and horse, it's not about getting more operators
> involved in ARIN.  It's about getting operators to use ARIN as a resource
> in the proper way.  (I'm addressing operators here as this is NANOG.)
Fair enough...

> What do operators expect from ARIN?  Most ARIN policies are centered on
> the administrative function of allocation of address space and AS
> numbers.  Is that all there is?  Are the existing policies all that are
> needed?
Other than a community service/educational role on issues related to the
above policies, yes, that is the limits of ARIN's charter.  Other issues
are the purview of ICANN, IETF, IESG, and ISOC.

> Are there concerns about the live-in-the-network registry services like
> WhoIs, DNS, IRIS, routing registry?  There are not many policy proposals
> (lame delegations, privacy concerns with WhoIs) in play covering
> operational considerations.
There are not many such proposals in play at the moment because the ARIN
community reached consensus around most of these issues over the last
two years.  There seems to be general agreement that the current state of
things is acceptable in terms of Whois and DNS.  While ARIN runs a Routing
Registry as part of it's public service focus, I do not believe that ARIN
should have a defining role in the IRR process.  In general, that also
is the purview of the IETF.

>> ARIN isn't perfect but it could be a lot worse.  In some ways I think the
>> issue you describe is an industry wide problem.  There are many different
>> groups (RIRs, ICANN, IETF, Nanogs, etc...)  and participating in all of
>> them is a lot of effort, especially when most of us already have
>> full-time jobs.
> Participating in all of them *is* a full-time job. ;)
Right, but, the portion of the internet community which consists of
organizations willing to pay an FTE to do that job is very small.


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