Utah governor signs Net-porn bill

Richard Irving rirving at antient.org
Thu Mar 24 16:07:06 UTC 2005

David Barak wrote:
> For crying out loud - this is UTAH, not the moon: the
> people there are just like people everywhere.  Yeah,
> they tend to be a bit more socially conservative than
> the libertarian-leaning NANOG membership is used to,
> but it's not like they've got 2 heads and three arms -
> if you prick them, they'll bleed...

    From their hands, and feet, like in Stigmata ?

   Remind me not to visit Utah, on Easter.  :}

  FWIW, they are doing articles right now, on how the
evangelicals, thanks to "Faith Based Initiative"
are using the money funneled into them, and their
new close associations, to influence policy in US Government.

  So much for the "Wall of Separation".   :\

   Prepare for a lot more of it to come down the
road. The Schiavo case is a great example. From
a legal standpoint, they have -nothing- to stand on...

  20 judges have said so.

   The parents gave up, and signed the "right of attorney"
over to the husband, years ago. End of _legal_ story.

   But, this administration, and a mob of RRR,
don't really care about the law, as much as appearances,
and grandstanding.

  So, the _exact_same_man_ who signed into law the Governments right
to pop the plug on the poor, _irrespective_ of the wishes of the
caregiver, -or- family,  is leading the mob with pitchforks
against just such an action.

   Go Figure.

   Like I said, "The Moral Majority were Neither".

> so while I agree that this is a goofy law which was
> poorly written - there IS a demand for this type of
> service, and we'll see how it plays out.

    If there is a demand for the service, someone
will be _more_ than happy to sell it to them,
however, you -don't- need a law, just the demand.

   Just think, anyone who tries to offer this
service, if he were to have an error, or a mistake,
will face criminal charges, as well as the potential
Civil Lawsuit, similar to Vonage.

   Double Jeopardy for trying to do "the right thing".

  And something else to remember about those "Blue Laws",
they are usually old and antiquated.. not, passed in the
last 6 months.

  Who would have thought the "Dark Ages" would
have a revival, post 2000 ?

> -David Barak
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