72/8 friendly reminder

Alex Bligh alex at alex.org.uk
Wed Mar 23 19:12:01 UTC 2005

--On 23 March 2005 10:51 -0800 Randy Bush <randy at psg.com> wrote:

> a bit more coffee made me realize that what might best occur would
> be for the rir, some weeks BEFORE assigning from a new block issued
> by the iana, put up a pingable for that space and announce it on
> the lists so we can all test BEFORE someone uses space from that
> block.

Hmmm.. or, if the RIRs are going to advertize the block anyway between IANA
issue and space assignment (which would appear to be a necessary
precondition for what you suggest to work), why not ping "a large
collection of targets" using the new block, and various other IP addresses
as source addresses, and see which addresses responded from the old
block(s), but not from the new block. Sort by AS, and that would give you a
list (correct to heuristic level) of AS's that need to update their filters.
Then stick it on a web page.

RIPE could (for instance) generate it's "large collection of targets" using
a tiny sample of host-count data. (clearly RIPE needs to ping addresses
from all RIRs, ditto ARIN, APNIC etc.)


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