Utah governor signs Net-porn bill

Scott Call scall at devolution.com
Wed Mar 23 18:29:20 UTC 2005

On Wed, 23 Mar 2005 Michael.Dillon at radianz.com wrote:

>> that's EASY: there is hyperconcern for the welfare of
>> children in Utah,
> Finally, someone who recognizes what this bill is
> all about. It merely asks ISPs to provide parents
> with a filtering tool that cannot be overridden by
> their children because the process of filtering takes
> place entirely outside the home.

To Quote Peter Tolan (Cowriter of the TV Show "Rescue me") on another 
censorship issue:
"The idea that government feels they have to regulate this stuff because 
the people they're governing can't turn it off is insulting"

Why is it the ISP's responsibility to assume an operational burden of 
enforcing the religious morality of one group?   I think the phrase 
"Chilling effect" has been used in this thread previously, and I believe 
it was apt.

If there's a demand to an alternative internet service by, for example, 
Mormons, why not start an ISP with filtering, and offer it?  Niche 
businesses service narrow segments of the market have been very 
successful, even if they charge slightly more, based on their specialized 

If aol/comcast/rboc/etc see that they are loosing customers to 
competition, they may choose to offer similar services or choose to let 
the customers go.

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