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Wed Mar 16 14:03:50 UTC 2005

> > What if the USPS decided any magazine you subscribed to was 
> > suddenly unfit for delivery and decided it should blocked (thrown 
> They don't decide. I do.

This is not factually true. The USPS has a Postal Inspection Service
that can intercept your mail for various reasons. Details are in 
39 USC 3013. The quote below comes from a report on their activities
for the year ended March 31 2004. During that period there were 21
withholding mail orders issued.

---------quote begins-------
The Postal Service reports to the Office of Inspector General information 
related to investigative activities designed to protect the public against 
unscrupulous mailers perpetrating fraudulent schemes. The following 
information summarizes the administrative and judicial actions initiated 
and resolved during the reporting period. These actions include the 
issuance of cease and desist orders directed to mailers, actions to 
intercept payments fraudulently induced, and orders seeking to intercept 
fraudulent mailings.
------quote ends----------

In operations of any sort, network or otherwise, it is
important to get the facts straight to ensure that you
are not acting on the basis of bogus information.

--Michael Dillon

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