Edward B. Dreger eddy+public+spam at
Wed Mar 16 01:03:46 UTC 2005

MH> Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2005 14:17:01 -0500
MH> From: Martin Hannigan

MH> Blocking by SP ip addr + asking for user cash = operational problem
MH> for SP

It could be an interesting way to make a few bucks. ;-)

Everquick Internet -
A division of Brotsman & Dreger, Inc. -
Bandwidth, consulting, e-commerce, hosting, and network building
Phone: +1 785 865 5885 Lawrence and [inter]national
Phone: +1 316 794 8922 Wichita
DO NOT send mail to the following addresses:
davidc at -*- jfconmaapaq at -*- sam at
Sending mail to spambait addresses is a great way to get blocked.
Ditto for broken OOO autoresponders and foolish AV software backscatter.

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