Jerry Pasker info at
Tue Mar 15 21:46:48 UTC 2005

>If it *actually* worked right, why do I *ever* encounter people that 
>don't even
>know what block lists they're using?
>Because enough people running networks are idiots.  Why do these 
>network even stay
>in business?
>Because their competitors are often equally mercifully free of the ravages
>of intelligence....

I'm sorry, but the correct answer that we're looking for is :

"Customers."   Because they have customers who don't just put up with 
it, but encourage them by *PAYING THEM MONEY*

All "really stupid" companies that make "really stupid" products, 
stay in business because"really stupid" customers pay them them 
"really stupid" money.  So, who's stupid?

This is not only relevant to network operation, but life, as a whole.

It's not my opinion, it's the truth.   (is it not a fun world we live in?)


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