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> > "Third and finally, if you are really not a spammer, or you are truly
reformed, de-listing is relatively easy. You donate US$50 to a charity or
trust approved by, and not connected with, SORBS for each spam received
relating to the listing (This is known and refered to as the SORBS 'fine').
> >
> > That doesn't make a lot of sense. It's an interesting answer to
> > the BotNet spamming problem, but not really a solution, IMHO.
> It's just cynicism at it's best. I like people who can be smartasses
> without being asses, but this is ridiculous if they want to be a serious
> service, and cute if they are looking to make jokes.

... and perfect if they want to become sentimental favourites with the
nanas/nanae crowd/mob, which is what they're shooting for imo. how about
they buy me a lollipop if i'm a service provider who just booted a spam
source and needs ip space delisted?


paul galynin

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