Jerry Pasker info at
Tue Mar 15 18:58:42 UTC 2005

>It's just cynicism at it's best. I like people who can be smartasses 
>without being asses, but this is ridiculous if they want to be a 
>serious service, and cute if they are looking to make jokes.
>	Gadi.

I totally agree.  Although $50 is a little steep.  I've seen people 
fly in to gargantuan rant -dare I say temper tantrum- over a $5 
parking fine.  One only needs to charge a fine of any type to get 
people worked up about it.  A $5 "you were stupid, now pay here to 
get off the blacklist" fine would probably be much easier to deal 
with for a lot more people, but still be considered "No, I am not 
going to pay your ridiculous fine." (and there's not a darn thing you 
can do about it!  I'm mad has heck, and by gosh, I'm not gonna take 
it any more!) by about the same number of people as before.

The thing about running a dns blacklist, is that one doesn't have to 
be a serious service.  One merely has to operate a blacklist on a 
whim, and certain [equally irresponsible] mail admins, fed up with 
spam, will use it no matter how ridiculous one's listing or delisting 
procedures are.

On the flip side, when one finds their IP on a blacklist, it's nearly 
impossible to know how many servers are actually using the blacklist, 
so it's impossible to gage the seriousness of the blacklist entry. 
It's blacklist terrorism.

And yes, I'm still kicking around the idea of a bgp route feed style 
"aggregation blacklist."  I wonder if that makes me an "ip routing 
terrorist?"  :-)


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