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> Nanog,
> Anyone on the list involved with this project?  I need to speak to 
> someone ASAP.  No, I am not going to pay your ridiculous fine.

SORBS is a one-man operation out of Australia.

I really doubt that he participates in the NORTH AMERICAN network operators

SORBS -- like _any_ other blocklist -- is simply an expression of opinion.
if you feel that "somebody" is 'wrongly' blocking mail because of a SORBS
listing, your _first_ step should be to contact *that* party, and request
that either (a) they stop using SORBS, or (b) that they 'whitelist' you.
*THEY* are the ones that made the decision to block your mail to their

Contact means for SORBS *is* provided on the web-site.  it works reliably. 
Be advised, however, that a 'need' on your part does not translate to 
urgency on the part of anyone else.

Note: *Nobody*, not even SORBS, says you 'have to' make that charitable
      contribution.  All the 'spam' listings _do_ "age off" the SORBS
      system, eventually.

Caveat: I have nothing to do with SORBS. I don't use it -- or *any* blocklist,
for that matter -- myself (I use other means that are better suited for _my_
requirements).  I don't even know the operator thereof.   Everything I've
said is based on published and publicly available information.

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