Traceroute with ASN

Rene Wilhelm wilhelm at
Tue Mar 15 12:57:03 UTC 2005

> | Doesnt look like you have to,  below is the link to the tarball
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> According to the doc, it relies on RADB for its info, so it *might* not be
> as accurate as an actual BGP feed.

Indeed. That's why we've created "RISwhois" [1], a whois interface to
the BGP data collected by RIPE NCC's RIS project [2].  You query like you'd query, but the data
returned are from active BGP feeds, not manually registered objects.

Since RISwhois uses the same format as RADB, it's trivial to have lft
consult the RIS BGP tables: simply replace the string ""
by "" in the whois.c file and recompile.

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