Fire Code/UFC Regs?

Joe Maimon jmaimon at
Sun Mar 13 14:27:03 UTC 2005

Josh Vince wrote:
> Here's what APC has to say about it:
> Sorry about the wrap...
> Basically, they say not to plug surge strips into the output of a UPS.
> You should use PDU's instead.
> Josh

Summary I read:

PowerStrips/Surge protectors are junky things which dont distribute 
voltage/amperage equaly, so you should not use them with a UPS.

1) How does this stated/assumed condition become more relevant for a UPS 
than for any other use?

2) I highly doubt that such a blanket assumption can be made about the 
literally thousands of branded surge protecters and power strips.

3) They admit that they are talking out of their a** when they say this 
does not affect the warranty.

4) Since the odds are fairly strong that any device that draws 15-20 
Amps * 110 volts in wattage will cause (most) batteries to go overload, 
I see no specific reason to be concerned that other devices on the strip 
may not get enough juice. In short, that would be the least of my problems.

5) Having surge protectors IS good. Now any device that overloads/makes 
the circtuit too warm shuts itself off. Everything else on the battery 
hums along merrily. Just like my kids flipping the AC on and off 
repeatedly.....surge cuts it off and my computer continues merrily on. 
How does the battery deal with equipment that tries to draw surges of power.

I dont see anything valid there. But more to the point I dont see 
anything that would explain it being against regs.

Perhaps someone who knows EE can enlighten me?


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