Fire Code/UFC Regs?

Michael Loftis mloftis at
Fri Mar 11 18:46:50 UTC 2005

OK this is only probably marginally operational.  Yesterday we were 
inspected (quite thoroughly I might add.....) by the city fire inspector 
for Missoula, MT....Now we did have a couple of things I know need fixing, 
an emergency light with a dead battery upstairs, I'm using a long orange 
extension cord w/o a breaker on it for my monitor at my desk.  And one 
incidence where we had some piggy-backing going on.

Now what I'm asking is this:  we were told that you can NOT plug in breaker 
protected six outlet strips into battery backup units such as APCs, and we 
were (or are) being written up for that.  My understanding is that most/all 
(atleast APC units) are properly de-rated (per UFC) and you *can* plug in 
additional breaker protected extension cords into these units.

The problem is if this is not the case we'll be having to put a LOT more 
BBUs out into our office for workstations than what we planned.  I've also 
never seen this cited as a problem but I could just be ignorant too.

Please reply off-list.  Sorry if anyone feels like this is a waste of time, 
but if there is interest I will summarize on list.

If this really is true then I can see a lot of places breaking this fire 
code even here locally.  I'm not sure what part of the code it is but he's 
stated that if I can get him some form of documentation from teh 
manufacturer or something then he can make a deviation.  With a 2200VA unit 
only having 4-6 outlets on it I can't see *not* using additional power 
strip off the back of it.

Thanks guys, back to the regular NANOG channel...

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